Long Time No Post

Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead

New Boards of Canada ep!

RubyMotion Goes 2.0

RubyMotion becomes better and better. The latest update brings osX support, plugins and templates.

You can learn more here

iPad Home Screen

My ipad home screen…

So Many Good Books, So Little Time.

I have a very long queue of technical reading and i blame all those talented people who write more and more great books.

Vim Dispatch Plugin

Vim dispatch is another great plugin from our vim hero Tim Pope.

Latest Changes to Tmux

Latest tmux update brings some really nice improvements. Especially the option to zoom a pane which is something i use a lot in vim, also resizing panes will now reflow the text inside them.

From tmux man page

With -Z, the active pane is toggled between zoomed (occupying the whole of the window) and unzoomed (its normal position in the layout)

For a full list of changes you can go here . You can also check my tmux setup here

List Gems From a Gemset or the Global Gemset

You can list the available gems with the gems list command but what about the gems that exists only on a specific gemset, or the gems that are available on the global gemset?

New Version of Alfred Is Coming.

Alfred is one of my favorite tools i use everyday. Since i replaced Quicksilver with Alfred i am still missing some features, but i hope to see them in the forthcoming version of Alfred. You can read more about it here.